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Everybody is better with Bowen!

Bowen Therapy is a unique form of body therapy, using gentle

moves that act not only on the areas where you experience pain,

but also on the nerves and internal organs. Bowen Therapy is

non-invasive and is therefore suitable for all age groups from

newborn babies to pregnant women to the elderly.

It can assist in the recovery from many conditions:

> Sport & accident injuries

> Back pain & sciatica

> Knee, ankle & foot problems

> Neck, shoulder problems including frozen shoulder

> Groin pain, pelvic tilt and uneven leg length

> RSI, carpal tunnel syndrome & tennis elbow

> Digestive & bowel problems

> Earache, ear infections & Migraines

> Menstrual and hormone irregularities

> Respiratory problems & hayfever

How Bowen Therapy is done

A Bowen treatment is done through light clothing with the patient lying flat on the treatment table. A session can take up to an hour and often gives a deep sense of overall relaxation. There are frequent pauses between sets of moves to allow the body to respond and start realigning itself. Positive results are often achieved after two to three treatments.

Adult Treatment - $60 per session


Flower Essences are more than just ‘rescue remedy’. They are a simple, safe and effective way of treating emotional issues and stress. Often a health or physical problem can be traced back to an event in your life that has had an emotional impact on your body and, as a result of that, you experience some pain or discomfort.

How you are feeling right now also plays a part in the selection of flower essences.

Ideally a personalised combination of flower essences is the most powerful and effective way of using essences. We also have some quick-fix combinations available for those times when a consultation is not possible.

Essences we use:

Traditional Bach Flowers

FES Californian Flower Essences

Bailey’s Essences

Australian Bush Essences