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How long will the treatment take?

Up to an hour - probably allow an extra 15 minutes on the first

consultation to go through a full health history.

Can I use other therapies?

Most other therapies are fine but we do recommend that you don’t

pursue other physical therapies within 7 days of a Bowen treatment -

they simply interfere with each other. You can always discuss this

at your consultation.

What do I wear?

Light clothing - no jeans or tight trousers.

How many treatments will I need?

Usually two to three treatments makes a considerable difference to the presenting complaint. Long term chronic conditions e.g. arthritis may benefit from regular, infrequent treatments after the initial two to three treatments.


How long will the consultation take?

About 30 minutes. We need quite a full medical history as well as your current emotional state.

How much do bottles of essences cost?

You can call any time for a re-fill. A bottle fill costs $15. As your needs change (and they do!), a re-consultation is important. If the stress has gone you may no longer need your essence.